Easy Home Renovation Ideas

Our homes are what represent us and just like any other thing our homes, too, need a time-to-time repair, renovate or just a little revamping done. A quick way to give your house a makeover is by changing the upholstery, giving your furniture a fresh coat of paint, changing the hardware, etc. However, if you are looking for a major change in the look and feel of your house, you can also change your floors with rental friendly options like laminate floors and vinyl plank flooring. These floors come in a wide variety of wood finishes that add to the whole look of the house and it just takes a few hours. You can visit your local home depot for more. 

Tools and supplies you will need for the renovation job:

  • Vinyl plank flooring
  • Threshold molding
  • 12” carpenter square
  • Flooring install kit
  • Tapping block
  • Door jamb saw 
  • Non-marring hammer 
  • Jigsaw and circular saw

The renovation job in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: The planning phase

Before installing the new floor you will need to do some planning – measure the floors well and layout the planks beforehand for a seamless end result. Clear out the floor and remove all the carpets, if there are any. Also, give your floors a fresh clean; removing old molding or skirting.

Step 2: The installation process

Start from the left side or a corner of the room. Place a plank closest to the wall and align it securing to the corner. Make a chalk line, to work as a guide and make a straight row of planks. Connecting the boards from here on is pretty easy. Just angle the tongue on the long edge into the groove of the row before it and then you lower the plank and tap it into place using the tapping block that comes in the kit. You’ll just have to keep marking the plank and cutting the length of the planks using a circular saw for a clean cut. 

Bonus tip: As you keep completing the rows of the plank, keep some weight on it so that the floor sits in place. 

Also, don’t worry about the texture on the wood – keep it as random as possible to give it a more natural feel.

Step 3: The final run

Trim the existing molding and slip the planks underneath the jambs for a more finished look. If your floors didn’t have molding and there’s some gap left between the flooring and walls, you can easily hide it by installing moldings with small nails. And, now, you have a fresh floor and a new look for your room.

An added benefit of laminate flooring is that these floors are rental friendly since they can be easily removed if you plan to move out and they are perfect for people who have kids and pets as they are easy to clean and maintain as well.