Some Annoying And Potentially Dangerous Electrical Problems

Okay, electrical problems can be the worst, right? We understand how much inconvenience they can cause and bring our blood to a boil. To help with that, we have compiled a list of 5 common electrical problems that you might have to face in your home:

Problem 1: Lights that shine too bright or glow too dim

Sometimes, the different lights in your house can shine with varying brightness. This can happen because of 2 common reasons – the different lights could have different power wattages or maybe the neutral connection in your electrical wiring might be faulty.

Problem 2: Electric shocks

Now, electric shocks are a big, big red flag. They are super dangerous and can even cause death in some cases. The most common reasons for electric shocks are shoddy appliances and faulty wiring. But, still, when it comes to electric shocks – don’t take any risks and just call an expert electrician to deal with the problem.

Problem 3: High electricity bill

Did your electricity bill just come in? And, is it unusually high? You might want to consider why that happened. You can do so by asking yourself some simple questions like – Is my electricity provider even cost-effective to begin with? Do I have some electronics in my house that cause frequent power surges? Because power surges can add a lot to the bill. Another question that you might ask yourself is – Am I the one who is wasting electricity in the first place by leaving electronics plugged in even when I am not using them?

Problem 4: Light Bulbs and tube lights fusing out too frequently

This one can be annoyingly frustrating and it can happen for a variety of different reasons like high and uneven wattage, unexpected voltage fluctuations, faulty circuits, bad wiring in the electrical grid, poor electrical connections, improper insulation, etc.

Problem 5: Downlights and such, which go off and come back on at random all by themselves

Downlights (and other recessed lights) usually cut themselves off on their own when they get too heated. This might be a sign that you are using extra high power lights and this can even become a potential fire hazard. There can also be problems with your insulation system that might be causing these lights to cut off on their own.

In all these cases, when you are unsure of how to deal with the problem, your best bet is to simply call a trained electrician who will know what he or she is doing and will get your problem fixed faster and better than you might be able to on your own.