Using Colors To Make Small Spaces In Your Home Appear Bigger

Understanding color

You must have heard that the light color paints make a place look bigger and the dark colors tend to make the area look small. This, however, isn’t entirely true. If you paint a small place entirely in a dark color, it will look small but if you balance it out with a light color, it will just add to the look of the place and also make it look good. This could be easily understood if we take an example of a painting that is in a light color and without shadows. It looks flat, as there’s no depth to it. The same goes for the wall paints.

To create depth, a few accents of a darker color make the place look lively. Light draws our focus whereas; shadows bring depth and create dimensions. Dark paint does not always mean black unless that’s the look you’re going for. You could go for the darkest shade in any hue like a navy blue, darkest grey or even a wine color. Here’s how you can ace the look you want to achieve and also draw attention towards even the tiniest, creating a visual interest:

Color scheme

This is the most crucial part of the process and you must take your time until you are fully happy with your decision. Start by choosing three colors in lighter and three in the darker shades that go well together. You can also go with the lightest and darkest color of the same hue for a monochromatic look. If you still don’t feel inspired, look up on websites like Pinterest and create mood boards for a better idea.

Create dimension using darker colors

A typical bathroom has a tub or shower area. The tiles are usually shiny and reflect light off them.  The cove right above the bathtub or the shower area is perfect for a dark color accent. If you have a dedicated shelving space for the towels, you could paint that area as well. If none of this works for you can simply add dark accents to the tiles in the shower area to create interest.

Go for the lightest shade for trim and molding

A light trim and molding creates a more modern feel. In contrast to the darker shade of the accents, light-colored trims create a dimensional effect. Light doesn’t always mean white and cream, you can go with any pastel shade from your palette. You can enhance the look by changing the faucets to a darker shade or even the hardware such as the knobs on your cabinet. Add a patterned rug right outside the shower area and add contrasting towels and some fake flowers to create a cohesive look. Ask your paint contractor for suggestions.